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The other type is termed gas metal-arc welding. It employs a continuously fed electrode which melts in the intense arc heat and is deposited as weld metal. Gas tungsten-arc welding. 22 shows basic features of gas tungsten-arc welding. The shielding gas is fed through the electrode holder which is generally referred to in this process as a torch. Argon, which is an inert gas, is commonly used for the shielding gas. The use of helium as the shielding gas is rather rare. A small percentage of oxygen is often added to the inert shielding gas.

6 kg/mm 2 or 896 to 1241 MN/m 2 ) the research effort expended for the weld metal development ordinarily exceeds that for the base material by several fold. Pellini (112,113) has prepared Fig. 11 which provides the weld metal zoning of the 80 60, 8000 I 120 100 3 5000 Hu. ~ 40001 80 I 60 Ul z UJ u. 4 0 w 20 _J UJ > 180 200 KG/MM' WELD METAL TECHNOLOGICAL LIMITS 6000 _ 100 ω _i 160 PLATE 1969 TECHNOLrw 7000 120 140 I >- 2i 3000 z UJ u. 2000 _i UJ υ 10 5 <Λ loooj É 5007 80 100 120 140 160 180 200 220 YIELD STRENGTH 240 260 _L 280 300 KSI FIG.

2. Drop weight tear test energy, DT, ft-lb. 3. Critical plane strain fracture toughness, KlCi ksi -Jin. The data shown in Fig. 18 represents as-rolled material and a variety of processing 90 r- ol -400 — 1 i -300 i -200 ι i ι -100 0 100 TEMPERATURE C F ) ι 200 ι 300 I 400 FIG. 17. Summary of relationship between V-notch Charpy curves for titanium alloys and different level of yield strength/ 118) 44 Analysis of Welded Structures r 3000 ■ • A ♦ i 50-70 a ALLOYS NEAR-a ALLOYS a-ß ALLOYS ß ALLOYS WR(WEAK) RW (STRONG) r2000 >- 2 5 - 4 5 ^ 1000 80 90 100 110 YIELD STRENGTH ( k g / m m 2 ) FIG.

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