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Applying these laws results in a set of simultaneous equations that can be solved either by hand or by a computer. Network simulation software In more complex circuits, engineers need to turn to circuit simulation software. SPICE and EMTP are the most famous of these. Linearization around operating point When faced with a new circuit, the software first tries to find a steady state solution. This is a solution where all nodes conform to Kirchhoff's Current Law and the voltages across and through each element of the circuit conform to the voltage/current equations governing that element.

See also: Ohm's law, power). In electrical devices, unintentional short circuits are usually caused when a wire's insulation breaks down, or when another conducting material (such as water) is introduced, allowing charge to flow along a different path than the one intended. A large current through a battery (also called a cell) can cause the rapid buildup of heat, potentially resulting in an explosion or the release of hydrogen gas and electrolyte, which can burn tissue and may be either an acid or a base.

Fuse (electrical) 200 A Industrial fuse. 80 kA breaking capacity. In electronics and electrical engineering a fuse, short for 'fusible link', is a type of overcurrent protection device. It has as its critical component a metal wire or strip that will melt when heated by a prescribed electric current, opening the circuit of which it is a part, and so protecting the circuit from an overcurrent condition. A practical fuse was one of the essential features of Edison's electrical power distribution system.

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