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ADVANCES ORGANOMETALLIC CHEMISTRY V12. content material: bankruptcy 7. The Literature of Organo-Transition steel Chemistry 1972Author Index: experiences of Organo-Transition steel Chemistry; writer Index; topic Index; Cumulative record of individuals; Cumulative record of Titles. summary: ADVANCES ORGANOMETALLIC CHEMISTRY V12

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2433 (1964), and references therein. 22. , and Davidson, J. , J. Chem. 843 (1965). 23. , Duncanson, L. , Shaw, B. , and Venanzi, L. Dis. 26,131 (1958),and references therein. 24. , Duncanson, L. , and Shaw, B. , Proc. Chem. , and Shaw, B. , J. Chem. 5075 (1962). 25. , Guy, R. , Duncanson, L. , and Thompson, D. , J. Chem. SOC. 5170 (1963), and references therein. 26. , and Venanzi, L. , J. Chem. SOC. 4456,4461 (1955). 27. , Ibekwe, S. , and Kapoor, P. ,J. , A, 1343 (1970). 28. , and Hayter, R. , J.

71 71 * 7 2 72 * * . . . . . 73 74 74 74 75 75 75 76 . 7 7 List of Abbreviations The following abbreviations, listed alphabetically, will be used in the text and in the tables : bae N,N'-Ethylenebis(acetylacetony1iminato) n-Bu n-Butyl CP h6-Cyclopentadienyl(but not hl-CsH8) CPr Cyclopropyl dipy 2,2'-Bipyridine DMF N,N-Dimethylformamide dmgH Dimethylglyoximato Et Ethyl Ind h6-Indenyl isoquin Isoquinoline L Monodentate ligand (usually nonionic) Metal (sometimes with ancillary ligands) M Me Methyl Me,Cp x-Methyl-substituted h%yclopentadienyl Naph Naphthyl Ph Phenyl o-phen 1,lo-Phenanthroline Pr Propyl PY Pyridine R,R',R" Hydrocarbon radicals h5-Cyclopentadienylwith x substituents R' R'XP salen N,W-Ethylenebis(salicy1aldiminato) salophen N,W-Phenylenebis (salicylaldiminato) THF Tetrahydrofuran X Halogen, pseudohalogen, or a similar group Sulfur Dioxide Insertion Reactions 33 I INTRODUCTION This is the second chapter of a two-part review concerned with insertion reactions of transition metal-carbon o-bonded compounds.

Accordingly, MeOS(0)Ir(CO)(PMePh2),C12 absorbs at a lower field than MeS(0)21r(CO)(PMePh2),C12 (54); in contrast, a number of 0-sulfinates of CpFe(CO),, CpMo(CO),, Mn(CO),, and Re(CO), show resonances at higher fields than the corresponding S-sulfinates (73). Structures of several transition metal sulfinates, o k , (Me,Cp)Fe(CO),S(O),CH,CH=CHPh (24), CpFe(CO),S(0),C6F, (27),MeS(0)2Mn(CO),dipy (124, and CU(H,O)~[OS(O)C,H~M~-~]~ (89), have been determined by X-ray crystallography. In each case, the mode of metalsulfinate bonding is that inferred from spectroscopic data (110,43, 68, 39, respectively).

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