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By Erwin Kreyszig

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This is often complicated Engineering Mathematics.

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* 239 André Weil, Un théorème fondamental de Chern en géométrie riemannienne (differential geometry)
* 240 Michel Zisman, Travaux de Borel-Haefliger-Moore (homology thought)

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GAUME MOTOR. The second bar, as it came in contact first, became magnetic and attracted the third, and so on through the series till all the bars were in contact, as shown in the figure. The electric governor was of the usual pivoted ball construction, and revolved upon a sliding collar on a vertical shaft rotated by an arrangement of bevel wheels, as before indicated. merit. with the When the balls rose under increase of speed, a central rod was depressed, raising by an arrangement of levers the horizontal pivoted circuit breaker shown at the bottom of the side- FIG.

Gustin stated that the tension of this regulating spring should be fully equal to the power required to move the pump when the spring was at its extreme point of action. At that point the electro-magnets of the Gustin motor were so feeble that the spring had nearly the whole work to perform. FIG. 21. At the lower extremity was a pendulum projection which moved ing a weighted of this GUSTIN MOTOR. ball. the valve,- alternating the battery current on the magnets by the vibrating motion of the pendulum.

The attraction would then be effected so as to form an endless chain or elastic band. It deserves notice that between 1860 and 1867 the period of the civil war not a single patent was issued in America 011 electric motors. A war to-day would probably be highly stimulative of inventiveness in this direction. But down to 1860, the interest that had begun to manifest itself twenty years earlier, continued in almost undiminished measure. A lively sketch of the condition of affairs during that period was given by Dr.

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