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By Mark Donohue

The sequence builds an in depth selection of top of the range descriptions of languages all over the world. each one quantity deals a finished grammatical description of a unmarried language including totally analyzed pattern texts and, if acceptable, a thesaurus and different appropriate info that's to be had at the language in query. There aren't any regulations as to language relations or zone, and even if exact consciousness is paid to hitherto undescribed languages, new and worthy remedies of higher recognized languages also are integrated. No theoretical version is imposed at the authors; the one criterion is a excessive normal of clinical caliber.

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Ek:a] mondiliu 'sour' * [mondilra] ßila 'go' * [pil:a] lono 'cloud' * [lon:o] m ana] 'eat' * [mania] Note that this does not apply to non-phonemic glottal stops: saba'anne 'all' (< sabane, with stressed vowel gemination for pragmatic effect and concomitant glottal stop insertion) If a consonant qualifies for gemination, the addition of pronominal prefixes or suffixes will sometimes affect the placement of gemination. Details on why the geminate consonant changes in some cases but not in others are not yet known.

The last example in 3. above shows reduplication of the vowel in the stressed syllable, to achieve an emphatic effect; this reduplication will always present a 'boundary' between two like vowels, and so is a prime candidate for glottal stop insertion. moroTuka] 'beverages' We can observe that there is a general process of glottal dissimilation in adjacent syllables; in some cases the dissimilation is accomplished by deletion, in others by the second glottal stop becoming a [k]. a], however, indicates that this rule of glottal dissimilation must be lexically specified, and not an absolute rule in the language.

The locations of the Wanci subdialects are shown in map 4. The division between Kapota and the rest is clear, having a sea channel separating the main island and Kapota. The division between the Rupu dialect area and the rest roughly follows the line that marks the Tindoi hill area off from the rest of the lowlands to the west and south. The extension of the Rupu dialect to the north, around Patuno and Waha, is the result of a population expansion in the last 80 years; previously the north coast was too dangerous for permanent settlement, due to the threat of piracy.

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