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By Paul Huang

Bitcoin is the 1st electronic foreign money in human heritage that doesn't require a crucial clearing authority. The technological implication of this invention is profound: it opens the opportunity of construction a very disbursed economy the place no centralized gurus are had to behavior monetary transactions.

This e-book is the final word solution to the customarily requested, yet even-more-often unsatisfactorily replied query: HOW DOES BITCOIN WORK?

This is the 1st publication that dissects the unique Bitcoin resource code written via Satoshi Nakamoto. It opens the Bitcoin black-box, examines all its components, and exhibits you the entire information you ever want to know concerning the Bitcoin system.

The complete e-book has 10 chapters. This model you're approximately to buy comprises the 1st four chapters.

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Vout[n]. prevout), we say that the i-th input of tx spends the n-th output of TxSource. COutPoint holds a hash code of type uint256, which is the hash of the source-transaction. We cover this class next. 1. h An uint256 holds a 256-bit hash code. It contains an unsigned int array of length 256/32=8 to hold the hash code. Another similar data structure uint160, defined in the same header file, holds a 160-bit hash code. It has an unsigned int array of length 160/32=5 to hold the hash code. These two classes share the same base class base_uint.

Operators << and >> of CDataStream CDataSteam overloads operators << and >> for serialization and de-serialization. 1: class CDataStream 2: { 3: //...... 4: template 5: CDataStream& operator<<(const T& obj) 6: { 7: // Serialize to this stream 8: ::Serialize(*this, obj, nType, nVersion); 9: return (*this); 10: } 11: template 12: CDataStream& operator>>(T& obj) 13: { 14: // Unserialize from this stream 15: ::Unserialize(*this, obj, nType, nVersion); 16: return (*this); 17: } 18: //......

Let’s say you want to pay 5 bitcoins to Bob. What you need to do is to first start a BA on you computer, then input Bob’s id and the amount you want to send to him. Click a button, your BA will create a transaction for you. Communicate with other BAs. Next, your BA will broadcast this newly created transaction to all other BAs that are currently running on the Internet. The reason for doing that is to inform everyone that you are willing to pay Bob 5 bitcoins. To achieve that, all BAs employ a peer-to-peer protocol to communicate with each other.

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